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So US Cellular finally released android 5.1 for my 2013 moto x. And, I love it!

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My acoustic guitars

I now have two acoustic guitars, a mid 1970’s Toyota and an early 1970’s Harmony Stella.  They are both inexpensively made guitars and both were given to me.  The Toyota while in high school and just recently, the Harmony.  They … Continue reading

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More tele upgrades

I’ve gotten a few more things done to the telecaster.  First, chrome knobs.  I never did care for the black ones that had been on it.  These ones came from a Squire P-Bass my brother picked up for a project, … Continue reading

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Desk mods

My desk is also my workstation and I need to keep little fingers from my dangerous leaded electronic parts etc, so I gated it off.  Using a bit of ingenuity, an old refrigerator shelf, a junk piece of wood, and … Continue reading

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Plumbing upgrade

We needed to shut off the upstairs hot water and found that we could only slow it down…the crappy plastic valve that came with the house had worn out.  So I went out to the hardware store and purchased the … Continue reading

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