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Excited about biking

I’m stoked to get back into the mountain biking scene.  I haven’t done much of it since graduating college 10 years ago.  I’ve been tuning up my bike, a 2005 Giant Rincon.  I need to adjust the front derailleur and … Continue reading

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Sabadil – Allergy Relief the natural way

Anyone with allergies, you have to try out Sabadil allergy relief. Tasha found it for me. All natural/homeopathic and works better than any regular allergy pills I’ve tried. Plus I don’t feel groggy or drowsy.

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I’m not “anti-china”

I’m always interested in where things are manufactured and go out of my way (sometimes well out of my way) to purchase items not made in China.  It isn’t because I’m “anti-China”, it is just that I don’t support the … Continue reading

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Hometown Veterinary Care

As many of you know, our cat Ashes has had some pretty bad health problems in the last month.  Which is odd since in his 9 years of life he has always been extremely healthy.  This health problem was a … Continue reading

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Allergies or cold/flu?

We’ve had a bug…or allergies…or a cold…or flu going around the house.  I feel like I’m starting to get better, but still feel tired, kinda achy and a little nauseous.  Lucky for me my wife handles this type of stuff … Continue reading

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