Hometown Veterinary Care

As many of you know, our cat Ashes has had some pretty bad health problems in the last month.  Which is odd since in his 9 years of life he has always been extremely healthy.  This health problem was a urinary and bowel blockage.  He didn’t take well to the standard medications given and also had some complications (part of his bladder had to be removed).  Instead of a one week recovery most cats would have with a regular blockage, it has been about a month and he is finally almost back to normal.

Hometown Veterinary Care in Fairfield has been amazing.  While Ashes was in their care they called us daily with updates, and while he was here at home they called us to check in on him.  They listened to our concerns and worked with us to get our cat healthy as soon as possible.  They were kind and compassionate and showed that they care about not only our cat but us as well.  On top of that, they were less expensive than any other vet we have worked with in the past.  Their expertise is second to none in the area.  Dr. Matthew Townsend is who we worked with the most and he did a great job.  Our sincerest gratitude goes to them, thank you.

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