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8bit Metronome

Editor’s note: This post has been over a year in the making (I just kept procrastinating). It’s finally here, time to share some Arduino fun. After creating my last metronome, based on a 555 IC, I decided I wanted to … Continue reading

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RSS displayed with PHP – Updated!

A week ago I posted about using PHP to display an RSS feed. We moved to a new server that did not have DOM enabled, so I have updated my code to use curl instead of DOMDocument.  Either method does … Continue reading

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Biking update

Since the last post I have: – Replaced old bashguard with new BBG – Replaced crankset with Shimano FC-M361 165mm crank – Replaced front 3x gears with 1x 32 tooth N/W (Blackspire Snaggletooth) – Removed front derailleur and added an … Continue reading

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Excited about biking

I’m stoked to get back into the mountain biking scene.  I haven’t done much of it since graduating college 10 years ago.  I’ve been tuning up my bike, a 2005 Giant Rincon.  I need to adjust the front derailleur and … Continue reading

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Repair Manifesto has posted their “Repair Manifesto” and it just so happens to be everything that I believe in. Why waste by throwing things out when it could just be fixed?  I repair everything I can from electronics, cars, plumbing, lawn … Continue reading

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