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555 Metronome

I wanted to make a metronome and decided on the venerable “555” chip. In this case I used an LM555CN. I had all components needed except the IC itself, so I ordered a handful (they are only about $0.75/each) and … Continue reading

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Original iPod Shuffle – on Linux

That’s right, I’ve finally found a way to use my old 512mb Shuffle on Linux. Thanks to keyj for making a simple python script in 2006. How it works is you put whatever you want for mp3s onto the shuffle … Continue reading

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Repair Manifesto has posted their “Repair Manifesto” and it just so happens to be everything that I believe in. Why waste by throwing things out when it could just be fixed?  I repair everything I can from electronics, cars, plumbing, lawn … Continue reading

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I’m famous!

I helped design a watch with MWC, and they are now on their website for sale in black and olive! To be fair, I only redesigned an existing watch dial.  The rest is all MWC.  It all started with me … Continue reading

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New counter weight

A while ago I added about 1 ounce of BB’s to the output jack of the telecaster to help offset the neck dive. I just upgraded to a 2.25 ounce weight by using washers! They are steel washers, 5/32″ ID, … Continue reading

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