My name is Joseph Raymond. I am an electronics hobbyist, Modern Homesteader and loving Husband. I have a professional background in web development and IT.  I live in Central Maine with my wife, two kids, and our many animals in our two story, three bedroom home.

homestead-from-the-tracksI received my degree in New Media from the University of Maine in May of 2008. I have experience working in Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Web Development and IT. I currently work for MSAD54 as a Computer/Network Support Technician.

I am a professional Web Developer and Computer Technician. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Web Development. I currently utilize WordPress and SMF for most of my projects, although I have mastered HTML and CSS and am also proficient in PHP and JavaScript.

I am a hobbyist guitar amplifier technician, automotive and small engine mechanic, homesteader, electronics engineer and musician. I am an “idea guy”, a thinker, and as such I frequently come up with totally random ideas. Periodically one or two of these ideas do come to completion, but most lay dormant indefinitely.

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