More tele upgrades

I’ve gotten a few more things done to the telecaster.  First, chrome knobs.  I never did care for the black ones that had been on it.  These ones came from a Squire P-Bass my brother picked up for a project, he was changing his knobs anyway so they would have just sat on a shelf, perfect!  Second, I’ve weighted the tail of the guitar (channel between tone control and output jack) with a few ounces of BB’s), fixed my neck dive issue.  Lastly, I have just installed a set of Guitar Fetish stainless steel saddles (made in Korea).  They are wicked!


These are the Graph Tec saddles that came on the guitar, along with the brass adjustment screws I put in shortly after purchase.  Notice how they are splayed and the lower E string isn’t lined up with the pickup pole?  Yeah, that’s nice.  These are made for a standard width, not the narrow “Asian” width of the cheaper telecasters like mine.


These are the new Guitar Fetish stainless steel saddles. This is the “modern” style that belongs on this guitar versus the “barrel” style someone swapped on before I bought the instrument.  Same old bridge, now my 10.5mm spacing is proper, see the lower E string lining up like it should?  Nice.  The strings actually fit at the lower end of the fret board without slipping off the edge too!


Beauty shot showing all the recent upgrades.

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