Saddleback Leather – Sleeve Wallet

I’ve had back problems on and off for a while.  I’ve started going to a chiropractor, and she recommended that I remove the wallet from my back pocket.  It didn’t comfortably carry in the front pocket, so I got a new one that does.  The Saddleback Leather “Sleeve Wallet.”  I know I tagged this Made in USA, but this is actually made in Mexico.  Or at least mine was, they have a USA model now as well.  It holds “up to 12 cards,” though so far I only have three in mine since that is all I need.  I carry license, debit card, and one credit card.  Perfect!  And it fits just right in normal pants pockets without any bulging, even in dress slacks.

Saddleback Leather "Sleeve Wallet" - Picture courtesy of

Saddleback Leather “Sleeve Wallet” – Picture courtesy of

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