The perfect, comfy, watch band?


Timex Carriage with cotton strap

After my metal watch band broke on my 12 year old Timex Carriage, I needed a replacement.  I decided against metal due to the coldness in the winter.  And against nylon due to it’s plastic nature and the fact that it just isn’t environmentally friendly at all.  I finally found a band though, made of cotton!  Unfortunately, it is in limited supply because the company is no longer making them.  No matter, I got one and it is SUPER comfy and I think it looks great to boot!

When I ordered the strap from Amazon, it came in after just a few days.  Unfortunately they sent me a 20mm band instead of the 18mm I needed.  I emailed the company, Clockwork Synergy, directly and they resolved the issue by sending me the proper strap as well as a return envelope to send the wrong one back.  They were very friendly as well, so much so that I plan on buying another strap from them soon.  This time I think I might go with nylon anyway, because I really like the “Heavy Duty Nato” (sometimes known as “Zulu”) strap that they sell.

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