Plumbing upgrade

We needed to shut off the upstairs hot water and found that we could only slow it down…the crappy plastic valve that came with the house had worn out.  So I went out to the hardware store and purchased the necessary supplies to convert to a copper ball valve – the way it should have been put in to begin with.  All is well with the world now and I feel much better.  I also feel safer since the boiler is directly under where that plastic valve had been, just didn’t seem like a great idea.


This is the old CPVC gate valve, which not only would not close all the way anymore, but was also just a hazard waiting to happen. That valve is about 24″ above the boiler’s exhaust pipe.


Here is the new copper ball valve, 1/4 turn goodness. I extended the copper so that there is no more CPVC above the boiler exhaust. All joints are soldered except of course the CPVC end of the union which is glued.

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