New guitar strap and new guitar stand

I’ve been on the look-out for a new strap for my tele.  Well, I’ve found one.  It’s made here in the USA and it’s made from old car seatbelts.  Thank you Couch for making such a killer strap.  It was pretty affordable as well at just $22.

The same day this came in, a package from my brother came in.  It was my birthday gift – a model CC37 String Swing guitar stand.  All metal, all awesome, all made in the USA.  Also inexpensive at only $24.99.

Both of these items are built to last and will probably be around until I am at least of retirement age.

My Telecaster sitting in it's new String Swing stand and wearing it's new Couch guitar strap.

My Telecaster sitting in it’s new String Swing stand and wearing it’s new Couch guitar strap.

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