I made a wooden guitar stand!

After not finding what I wanted in my local area (a guitar stand made of sustainable materials, made in the USA), I decided to build one myself.  I used 1″x 3″ pine boards and maple dowels along with some elmers glue.  It works well for both my Telecaster and acoustic.  The acoustic slid around a bit, so after the photo shoot I did end up using a bit of neoprene on the tops of the “feet” where the guitar sets for extra grip…not sustainable, but neither is my guitar falling.  For reference, the “feet” are about a foot long.


Here are all the pieces, right before I got ready to glue them together.


Here is what it looks like from the front. The pegs at the front to hold the guitar protrude about 2″ in height.


Side view of the stand, notice the roughly 10 degree backwards slant.


Here is the stand holding my Squire Affinity Telecaster.


Side shot, still holding my Tele.


The Toyota acoustic fits just fine as well.


Notice how much more vertical the acoustic is in this stand. This is due to the extra depth of the instrument. It is perfectly stable though.


My Tele in the stand, plugged in and ready to rock.


All picked up, this is where the stand lives while not in use.

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