We got chickens!  2 hens, comets.  They are 6 months old and should start laying soon.  I wanted to name them “Henrietta” and “Ilsa” but we settled on “Louise” and “Edith”.  For right now they live in a 4′ x 5′ chicken tractor, but soon we will build them an actual coop so that in bad weather and during the winter they can be protected.  The birds came with the chicken tractor pre-built, but I went through and made some modifications.  We added chicken wire to the bottom so weasels can’t get in and birds can’t get out if they dig.  I also came up with a flip down wheel that I built and attached to the rear along with a handle on the front.  Now we can flip the wheel down then move the tractor around like a wheelbarrow, my wife likes to call it our “Chicken-Barrow”.

We aren’t sure yet, but we may get another 2 birds before winter so they can all stay warm.  We’ll see.

We also got the Potato and Cucumber beds all laid out with newspaper and grass mulch to keep the weeds down – they look good too!

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