How the Stratocaster SHOULD be made!

I have this thing with Stratocasters, I love the shape but I hate the 5 position slide switch and I’m not a fan of single coil pickups either.  I’m up in the air on the scale (25.5″, normally I like 24″).

Regardless, I’d like to see Fender make one like this (excuse the poor Photoshopping):

Fender Stratocaster ala Joseph Raymond

Fender Stratocaster ala Joseph Raymond. H/H w/3 way toggle.



The good news is you can have Warmoth make you a pickguard like that and then wire it up the way you want it.  Also good news, Warmoth can make a 24″ scale neck to bolt on as well!  Although at that point things are getting rather pricey.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind not having the Tone control either, it just gets in the way.

Fender Stratocaster ala Joseph Raymond, no tone control

Fender Stratocaster ala Joseph Raymond, no tone control


Take #3:

Fender Stratocaster ala Joseph Raymond, take #3

HSS, 3 way toggle (H, H/(S+S) and S+S), no tone control.

This way you keep all stock pickups (saves money) as well as a more stock look while still getting rid of the cruddy 5 position switch and tone sucking control.  Pure unbridled electric guitar goodness here folks!

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