US Tape – Classic Tape Measure

I go out of my way to purchase tools that are made in the USA.  At times I just can’t find an option and end up with something that is Mexican or Canadian in origin.  Why would I purchase a Chinese or Japanese tool that had to be shipped literally around the world wasting all those resources when I can get a tool that was made right here and is normally of much better quality?

So, I broke my old tape measure.  Knowing that it would be difficult to find one that wasn’t garbage and was also made in the States, I set aside an afternoon for searching.  I tried 4 different stores (big box and small hardware stores) in Central Maine with no luck.  So I hit the internet.  There is but one company that still makes tape measures here in the US: US Tape in Pennsylvania.  Since you can purchase direct from them on their website, I ordered the 26’/8m Classic.  It came in via UPS a week later and I love it!  Except one thing, the tape measure wouldn’t go in on it’s own unless it had been pulled out to at least about 15″.  Not a real flaw, but kind of annoying.  I emailed US Tape to find out if there was an adjustment.  They told me “No, there is no adjustment.  We will send you a new one right away.”  And they did…FREE!

So now I have two awesome tape measures for the price of one.  And yes, the new one works perfectly – if the tape is out any more than a few inches it scrolls right back in like it should.  I’m happy.  I’m also glad that the Customer Service of US Tape was so excellent – no way would I have seen that with any other company!

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