Hark! A new lust-worthy guitar!

Well, it’s new to me.  I’ve long been a Les Paul junky, despite never owning a “true” LP and giving the one I did have to my brother in law as a present.  Then I got my Harmony Bobkat H15V and fell in love with the Jaguar/Jazzmaster platform.  I had considered one of the new Fender Blacktop Jaguars, but I already have the guitar that satisfies my Jaguar playing needs.  So I started looking at Les Pauls again.  Gibson guitars are way too pricey and the Epiphone variants aren’t quite there in terms of quality.  Enter the PRS SE line of guitars, specifically the Singlecut.  Introduced in 2000 and still being made today.

2010 PRS SE Singlecut in Cherry Sunburst finish

The PRS SE line is made in Korea and is the budget line of PRS (all other PRS guitars are made in the USA).  They are still a setneck design and have excellent quality components.  The difference between this guitar and the “real” Les Paul are few but important.

1.  Set neck
2.  Only two control knobs instead of four, 3 position switch is moved
3.  No pickguard
4.  Single cutaway is beveled
5.  Backside of guitar has a bevel to rest on your chest better

So basically it is a refined but stripped down Les Paul – PERFECT!  Musician’s Friend has them new for $619 in the Cherry Sunburst finish or just $399 in Vintage Natural.  I’d probably try to find a local music shop to get one myself though since I like to support local businesses when I can.  Also, with any luck I might find one used and save a few bucks.


Had to add a picture of the Vintage Natural finish, for $399 it can’t be beat and it really is still quite handsome.  Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like this finish.  I think I was drawn into the Cherry Sunburst because that is a classic Les Paul finish.

2010 PRS SE Singlecut in Vintage Natural finish

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