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Been a while, been busy

Whoa, over a month since my last post!  Whoops. Since my last post I have started a new position as a Computer/Network Support Technician at MSAD54 (local school district).  I’m loving my new job, it’s been crazy busy but good.  … Continue reading

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“This formula contains a bitter ant to help discourage inhalant abuse and is non-flammable.” I read this on an ad for a 6pk of compressed air.  Not sure what the disgruntled anthropod will do if you abuse the can though.

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I’m not “anti-china”

I’m always interested in where things are manufactured and go out of my way (sometimes well out of my way) to purchase items not made in China.  It isn’t because I’m “anti-China”, it is just that I don’t support the … Continue reading

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Still not sure

I’ve been playing my guitar a lot more over the last year.  I’ve been averaging learning 1 new song a week.  When I say “learning” I mean, “I can play it with a lead sheet” rather than memorizing the song.  … Continue reading

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Why do people come into work sick?

Seriously.  Why do people who are sick, literally throwing up, come in to work?  They are making it miserable for themselves, causing themselves to take longer to get better due to not resting as well as possibling infecting the rest … Continue reading

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