Still not sure

I’ve been playing my guitar a lot more over the last year.  I’ve been averaging learning 1 new song a week.  When I say “learning” I mean, “I can play it with a lead sheet” rather than memorizing the song.  All this playing has been on my acoustic.  I don’t own an electric anymore as we sold both our electrics before our Son was born because we were short on cash.  Though I don’t regret that decision (difficult at the time, but made sense), I do want another electric.  I just don’t know what.  I do know I want it to be reasonably affordable and made in North America.  Here is the list I’ve come up with at this point (prices from and

  • $449 Fender Standard Telecaster : Mexico
  • $489 Gibson Melody Maker : USA
  • $499 Fender Blacktop Jaguar 90 : Mexico
  • $499 Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS : Mexico
  • $499 Richmond Empire : Canada
  • $500 Fender Blacktop Telecaster : Mexico
  • $699 Fender Cabronita Telecaster : Mexico
  • $699 Godin A6 Ultra : Canada

I guess I need to start saving up money and then trying out guitars!

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