Been a while, been busy

Whoa, over a month since my last post!  Whoops.

Since my last post I have started a new position as a Computer/Network Support Technician at MSAD54 (local school district).  I’m loving my new job, it’s been crazy busy but good.  And things here on the homestead have also been crazy busy.

Amidst the busyness, I’ve managed to cobble together my first friction folder.  I modified a stainless blade from a broken pocket knife ($5 Marden’s special 6 years ago) and worked it into a functioning tiny friction folder with a huge tang.  All parts were “junk” that were laying around from various broken things.  The wood for the chassis was an end of a window slat that I shaped by hand.  This knife was brought on by my current fascination with the Svord Peasant knives.


It measures 4.6″ closed due to the giant tang sticking out the rear.


The screw in the middle is the “stop” screw that keeps the blade from pivoting too far through the chassis.


With only a 1.5″ blade, this knife is small. It measures just 4.4″ open. Of note, it is longer closed than open due to it’s long tang. This same tang is what keeps the knife from closing on you while in use. The stronger your grip, the less likely the blade can close on you.

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