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Review: Lit soothing on new country single ‘Fast’ (Includes first-hand account)

Digital Journal review link I am so excited, I had to share. Lit, my favorite band from the time I was about 15, is back. And they’re country. Their new song “Fast” actually just made it to #1 on CMT’s … Continue reading

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I’m famous!

I helped design a watch with MWC, and they are now on their website for sale in black and olive! To be fair, I only redesigned an existing watch dial.  The rest is all MWC.  It all started with me … Continue reading

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Why I chose MWC

Anyone that knows me knows that I am very particular on which products I choose to purchase. Things like quality, environmental impact, manufacturing location, and customer service all come into play along with smaller nuances.  So when I was searching … Continue reading

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Quadra 650 – “Quad Serve”

Stock Now (2004) Processor 68040 @ 33 Mhz Overclocked 68040 @ 42 Mhz Hard Drive 250 mb 2.1 gb RAM 12 mb RAM 104 mb RAM CD-Rom 2x CD 4x CD Operation System Mac OS 7.6.1 Mac OS 8.1 The … Continue reading

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My shaving experience

I’ve been shaving now for 15 years of my life.  For most of the first 14 years of shaving, I used a Gillete Sensor Excel twin blade “disposable head” razor.  My dad use to shave with the disposable BIC razors, … Continue reading

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