Raspberry Pi – 2 & 3, First and Second

Over the last few months I’ve set up and installed two Raspberry Pi’s.  The first install was at work where the school wanted to have “digital signage.”  I used a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian and using the PiPresents application to run a slideshow, all connected on a big TV on a wall via HDMI.  There is no keyboard or mouse, so all commands are run via SSH.  The second install, just two days ago, I set up a Raspberry Pi 3, still running Raspbian, and this time using the Pi-Hole app to handle ad-blocking at the DNS level for a customer.  This installation is headless so it also needs SSH to run administrative commands.  Good stuff, I love these things.  Now I just need more Raspberry Pi uses so I can keep doing it 🙂

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