Rock ‘n Roll

Vaughn and I have a standing father/son time every weekend in the morning playing guitar.  Recently he has started to play with me, clicking the button on an old stomp box I made back in college.  This morning I decided to try my hand at some Siravo.  So I tuned down to drop C, cranked the overdrive to 11 on my little K-20X, flipped down to my bridge pickup on the tele, and did my best to keep up.  Vaughn was impressed, quickly telling me that it “sounds like rock ‘n roll, daddy!”  That made me smile.

I did quickly learn that I need to practice my rock rhythm guitar chops badly and that it is also very unlikely I will fill in for rhythm duty in the Siravo lineup any time soon.  But, little mister and I had a blast doing it, and we filled the house with obnoxious guitar noise like I was in high school again.  Good times.

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