Winter projects – Electric

Every winter I make a list of projects I need to do.  I do this because winter is the “slow” time around here.  I say this loosely as we are still quite busy.  But, I have finally started to work on my list.  The big things this year are electrical work and then cleaning/organization.  Here’s how it’s coming along so far:

– Wire outlet for new chest freezer (had been on an extension cord) :: DONE
– Rewire basement lights so they are all on one switch instead of two :: DONE
– Wire outlet for sump pump (currently on extension cord)
– Clean/organize basement
– Clean/organize “corner cubby” in kitchen (tools, parts etc)
– Clean/organize my electronics work desk
– Clean/organize my side of the bedroom

I may also add to the list that I need to install a new light fixture in the downstairs bathroom, but not sure yet as it is less of a concern than the rest of the list right now.

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