A few more companies still making things here in the USA

If you want to get a top-notch air compressor, Rolair is the way to go.  All of their heavy duty units are made right here in the USA.  Please note that their hand-carry portable units are made in China except for the venerable D2002 units which are made here in the USA like their larger brethren.

Nyle Heat Pymps
Made in Brewer, ME!  Nyle heat pumps make commercial and home owner sized heat pump units.  I’d like to eventually get one of their domestic hot water pumps and hook it up to a large electric water heater tank for some cheap and environmentally friendly hot water.  The neat thing with that is it is a seperate unit and you could have the pump in the house and the tank in the basement.  This would provide some slight a/c in the summer months.  I suppose in the winter that might not be desirable, but it could vent to the living room near the wood stove and then that is a moot point.

Jones Exhaust
Lots of exhaust companies make their stuff here in the States, but Jones stands out with one of the best turbo mufflers I’ve seen.  Inexpensive but still quality product and one of the most compact designs I’ve seen for a quiet high flow muffler.  I purchased an ATT12S-3, a 12″ long turbo tube aluminized muffler.  I’ll be installing it on my Ford Ranger this weekend, no doubt I’ll have a post about it soon.

Cleveland CycleWerks (Honerable mention)
CCW gets an honorable mention because they attempted to have their bikes made here, but given their small size and limited startup funds, CCW was forced to have production done overseas in China.  They do, however, design and test them here as well as handle quality control here.

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