Tech 21 – Still Made in the USA

Through all my research over the last few years on products Made in the USA and considering I run a forum that focuses on solid state guitar gear, you would think I would have known that Tech 21 makes their products here…but I didn’t.  So that got me thinking, probably most other folks don’t know either.  Well, now you do.  Tech 21 produces all of their gear in New York and sources as many of their parts locally as possible.

Tech 21 was made famous in the late 1980’s by their first product, the SansAmp.  The SansAmp is effectively a guitar preamp that you use as a pedal allowing you to dial in “your sound” regardless of what rig you are playing through.  Tech 21 continues to use analog components to make their products as opposed to using digital emulators like most companies.  This allows for a very robust and reliable circuitry that will last many many years.  Analog circuitry also allows for extremely low latency, no “lag” in what you are playing compared to what comes out of the amplifier.

Tech 21 continues to make their famous SansAmp as well as new effects pedals and guitar and bass amplifiers.  They also make the Power Engine, which is a powered extension cabinet designed to be run by a SansAmp or any other preamp or even a lineout from another amp.  I myself plan on getting a Tech 21 Trademark 30 at some point as it looks to be perfect for my needs and my budget.

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