Do I stay or do I go?

While the odds are likely that we won’t move anytime soon from our humble abode, we have talked about it.  We’d love to have a big farm house on 5+ acres and be able to cut most of our firewood on our own property as well as have room for our gardening and husbandry practices.  Right now we live pretty close to the in-town area and as such are subject to deal with teenage kids loitering on the railroad tracks, traffic, noise and lack of space.  We do have 2 acres of land, but half of it is swamp and overgrown.  The house isn’t tiny, but at 1,250 sq ft it will get cramped if we decide to have more kids.

That said, it is a beautiful piece of property, we love our cozy home and we (generally) like the town we live in.  We could clean out the swampy areas and plant blueberries and other similar wet-loving plants.  We could add on to the house to give us more space, and we could always even purchase some surrounding land to allow us for more cultivation area.

We certainly have options.  Right now our best bet is probably to stick with what we’ve got, especially since it really isn’t that bad.  But you can’t blame a guy for dreaming, right?

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