New faucet…again

A little over a year ago I replaced our upstairs faucet with a new one.  I was happy it was a ball valve unit and used a single handle for water control.  I was not happy with the seemingly poor construction and Made in China label (I hate shipping stuff from the other side of the planet when we can make things over here).  It was all we could afford though at the time.  Well, it started leaking and when I took it off the sink to look at it the water intake pipes on it bent.  That was the end of that faucet.

I installed an American Standard Cadet faucet.  Now, despite the name of the company, it was made in Mexico.  However, our Mexican friends have done a great job and the craftsmanship is superb.  This unit is 10x stronger than the one I put in a year ago and I am proud to have it in my home.

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