Dear Ford

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with my current and past Ford products, and how I am dismayed at the lack of current vehicles that could replace them.  I love my Ford Ranger.  It is small enough for me to put anywhere on my property, but still rugged enough to haul my firewood.  It is large enough to pull a trailer, but efficient enough to get good gas mileage as a daily driver.  It also has a manual transmission giving me complete control over the driveline.

Now I hear Ford is planning on cancelling the Ranger?  Yes, it needs to change – it is outdated.  But cancelled?  Not unless there is another small truck taking it’s place.  What I need is a light truck that can haul 1/4 cord of wood or more and still get 25+mpg when unloaded.  If it is a front wheel drive mini-truck, fine.  If it is a new version of the Ranger, fine.  But I WILL NOT buy one of the large F150s as a replacement vehicle.  And I WILL NOT sacrifice drive-ability and purchase an automatic transmission.  I am 26 years old and I have never owned an automatic and I don’t plan to for as long as I am driving.  If this forces me away from Ford, which would be a sad day indeed since I am so attached to the brand, so be it.

I would also like to see manual transmissions as options on more vehicles.  Maybe even some 6spd manuals.

Thanks for taking the time to listen, I truly appreciate it.

– Joseph Raymond

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