Hey Ford – why don’t we get the Courier?

I’ve been contemplating vehicles to replace my Ranger when the time comes.  I figure it is a 2000 and I have another 8 or so years I should get out of it.  That said, since I normally purchase vehicles that are 5+ years old that means I will be looking at stuff that is new now, or will be coming out in the next couple years.  As it turns out, the perfect vehicle does exist, it just so happens to be in Mexico and not here.

Enter, the Ford Courier:

It is based off of the Ford Fiesta – vintage 1998 and gets in the mid to upper 30’s for mpg and can haul 1,500lbs in the bed.  Perfect for what I need.  Oh yeah, also the cost for a 2010 model is all of $11,200 USD right now.  Ford, if you are listening, please bring these here!  We could use them.  I think many, many Americans would purchase these rigs.  I want one with a manual transmission.  And since this won’t ever happen, I may as well dream, and I want it to have either 4 wheel drive or AWD as an option (they are currently FWD only).

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