Guitar dreams

I’ve been playing my guitar a little bit recently, getting ready for a collaboration with my brother for our annual Raymond Brothers Christmas recording.  As I have been playing, I have been realizing something.  I really need my guitar stuff to be more simple.  Over the years I have trimmed all my gear down to 2 amps (Dean Markley K-20X combo amp and a pocket amp I built) and a cab.  I’m selling the cab.  I am also down to one electric and one acoustic guitar.  With time I would like to get a better acoustic and maybe eventually get rid of my 1965 Harmony Bobkat for a Fender Jaguar Blacktop – we’ll see though, I do love my Harmony.

Also, I want one of these guys:

It is a 5w all tube amp made by Fender, dubbed the Champion 600.   It rivals the Epiphone Valve Jr, but I like this much better.  I really wouldn’t mind getting rid of my 6 knob, 2 switch solid state amp for a 1 knob 1 switch all tube rig.

Also, I really need to learn Johnny B Good.  I’ve wanted to play that ever since I saw Michael J Fox play it in Back To The Future.

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