I’m Getting Better

I saw the doctor on Monday about my cold/sinus issues and was told I have Chronic Sinusitis.  I was prescribed Amoxicillin.  When I took my first dose, I had some anxiety and numbness.  I talked with the doctor on the phone and they told me not to continue taking it.  Well now (the next day) I’m feeling better and I’m not sure if I’m healing on my own or if it was from the single dose of Amoxicillin.  Regardless I’m pretty happy.  Here’s hoping I continue getting better.

I’m willing to bet the reason isn’t the drugs, but rather the fact that since Monday I have been using my Neti Pot once a day and cleaning my sinuses out real well.  On top of that and drinking lots of water and tea, that’s probably why I’m feeling more like myself today.

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