LCII Re-power

When I was a Freshman at UMaine Orono, I decided that the old Apple LCII was pretty much the coolest computer ever made and that I had to have one.  Remember folks, this was the year 2003 and the LCII was ANCIENT.  I found one on that a member was selling and got it cheap.  It worked well enough for a while, but it was slow and horribly out-dated.  Then the motherboard started acting up.  Now sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t.  About that time I realized I could re-power it with an old laptop as a parts doner (so that things would fit, this thing is only 2″ tall – they didn’t call it the “Pizza Box” for nothin’).  I never got around to it and I still have the little guy hanging out in my upstairs closet.

Enter the year 2010:

Now I have options.  The new Intel Atom/Nvidia Ion motherboards are really tiny, low power consumption and very small.  So now I have a dream of an overclocked 2ghz Ion setup with 4gb of RAM, 40gb of SSD hd and a slimline DVD burner in that little LCII.  By the time I actually do anything with it I’ll probably have motherboard options for 5x that speed.  Or it’ll never happen at all.  But it is an Idea for sure.

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