Hide your important files

Need to hide your files?

Here’s how:

  1. Make a new folder
  2. Make your folder “hidden” (right click, properties, hide)
  3. Encrypt all files inside folder using Axcrypt or a similar tool

Now when you want to view you files, go to the folder that contains the hidden folder, in the address bar add “/hidden” where “hidden” is the name of your new hidden folder.  Now you are in the folder with your encrypted files.  Double click the file you want to gain access to, enter your password and you are in.

This provides excellent security because most users won’t think (or know how) to show hidden files, so they won’t even know your hidden folder exists.  Then if they do find it, they would need to break your password on the encrypted files.

Obviously if someone wants your data badly enough, they will get it one way or another.  But this is a good start at deterring theft anyway.

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