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Wood stove upgrade

Things are never “good enough” in my head, or at least that’s what people tell me.  After only a single season of wood burning I’m already thinking about upgrading our wood stove and have come up with what I think … Continue reading

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Concerts…at the Church?

It might be happening.  We’re thinking about doing 5-6 concerts starting in January and ending in June.  Names of Artists TBA soon!

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Other Strat thoughts

I’m pretty well done on my Strat kick, but have been thinking about a few other things.  Ideally I had been figuring that a natural body with stain (probably without sunburst ideally) would be the best, but I suppose since … Continue reading

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How the Stratocaster SHOULD be made!

I have this thing with Stratocasters, I love the shape but I hate the 5 position slide switch and I’m not a fan of single coil pickups either.  I’m up in the air on the scale (25.5″, normally I like … Continue reading

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Motorcycle for saving money?

It seems this comes up a lot.  “Will riding a motorcycle save me money?”  The answer is “it depends.”  If you lose the car (and consequently maintenance, monthly bills, insurance etc) and only ride a motorcycle – yes, you will … Continue reading

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