Driveway alignment, do it yourself!

I’ve always been under the assumption that alignments should only be done by professionals on an alignment rack.  While I do still believe that this will give the best results, in a pinch, it can be done in the driveway as long as you are looking for zeroing out your toe adjustment.  It worked well for me as my Subaru Forester prefers zero toe-in anyway.

Simply use a piece of string and attach it somewhere behind the rear wheels (license plate or trailer hitch works well).  Then bring the string half way up the rear wheel and up to the front of the car, half way up the front wheels.  Adjust the tie rod end until the front tire touches the string at both points it crosses the rubber (front and rear of the front tire).

Here is someone else who uses this method and made a great YouTube video displaying how this works:

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