Bear and Son – One Arm Bandit

I’ve always wanted a barlow style knife, but haven’t found a single blade, Made in USA barlow that I’m happy with.  That is, until I came across the Bear and Son “One Arm Bandit.”  It is their model number 2181RAZR for the rosewood handle one (actually laminated ash dyed the color of rosewood, from Vermont).  The whole unit is 100% made in the USA and of very sturdy construction.  The design is based upon barlow knifes that amputee soldiers would modify with a hook so they could open it using one arm and lever it on their shoe or other objects around them.  It works great!

This particular model also has a detent at 90 degrees so you can one hand close it without it cutting your fingers.  I purchased mine from and got a really good deal on it, plus they accept PayPal which is always a plus for me.

Bear and Son Rosewood Handled

Bear and Son Rosewood Handled “One Arm Bandit”

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