Hot Rod Tele – my way

I’ve been into Tele’s for a few years now and have always loved the wood grain look of the ash bodies with butterscotch finish.  I also am a huge fan of humbuckers, tele bridges (single coil slant bridge “plate”), brass saddles, and 6 individual saddles.  To date, I do not believe such a Tele exists (the $2,299 Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’50s Telecaster comes closest).  So I planned one out and then photochopped (Krita actually) some images together until I was happy.

Here is the plan:

Start with Fender FSR Ash Telecaster / Butterscotch finish

Modify with:
– Fender 6 saddle bridge, swap in G&L ASAT brass saddles
– Seymour Duncan Lil ’59 Tele pickup in bridge
– Fender humbucker in neck (like 50’s style hotrod tele)
– New black Pickguard to accommodate above pickup
– Flip control plate back to “normal” (comes upside down on FSR)

This would run about $750 finished, without selling the stripped parts (bridge, pickups, pickguard).  After selling the extras you should be under $700 for a killer MIM Tele – built my way.


Fender FSR Tele turned “hot rod” Joseph Raymond style including Lil ’59 pickup in bridge 6 saddle bridge with ASAT brass saddles and a Fender humbucker in the neck.

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