Project Tele complete

The new (to me) Telecaster I bought came with a few issues, primarily that it wasn’t properly set up and the volume and tone potentiometers were completely worn out.  I have replaced the volume and tone potentiometers with proper US Fender spec A250K units (originally spec’d with B500K for the Affinity series), rewired the improperly wired CRL replacement 3 way switch someone had put in, moved all grounds to a ground strip instead of the “back of the pot” method, replaced saddle intonation screws (had been cut by previous owner), adjusted action, adjusted intonation, adjusted pickup height and tighted up the tuners to get rid of an obnoxious buzz.  Now it falls completely within Fender’s American Telecaster spec and it plays great!

It could use a good thorough cleaning and I will do that next time it needs strings.  Overall I’m very happy with the guitar and only have $162 into it including the blow mold SKB case.

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