Shubb C1b capo

After dealing with cheap poor quality capos for the last 10 years, I decided I needed a quality peice.  I did many hours of research and came to the conclusion I really wanted a metal capo.  I am a dedicated “buy American” type.  With these two priorities lined up, the Shubb line of capos made the most sense.  I settled on the C1b because of it’s inexpensive price but quality build.  I have not been disappointed.  This capo is made of brass and is extremely solid even though it is lightweight and small.  It doesn’t get in the way of your hand while you are playing either (some cheap capos do).  I have no regrets and would buy another if it was stolen.  That said, this is probably the only reason I would need to buy another as I expect this to last most of the rest of my life.

The only negative is there is no easy way to attach it to your headstock when not in use etc.  I just put it in my pocket.  It hasn’t come out of adjustment and it’s quick to put on and take off – no wiggling or messing around to make sure you’re in tune.

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