Car thoughts – truck getting welded

It’s weird driving your college car 5 years after you’ve been out of college.  I sold my 2001 Ford ZX2 to my parents a year after I got out of college.  I needed a truck and bought a 2000 Ford Ranger.  It is now a bit rusty in the frame (to say the least) and is getting welded up (stuck in Rumford for a few days).  My folks are letting me borrow one of their cars, and they chose to let me borrow my old ZX2.  It’s has more miles, a lot more rust, and is much more worn out than when I sold it to them…but it has been 4.5 years and is a 12 year old car, so that is to be expected.  That said, it still drives really well.  A lot of times I miss that old car.  If it wasn’t for needing a truck I never would have sold it.  30-32mpg on regular gas, 0-60 in 8.0 seconds and as amazing through the corners as it is in the snow.  Too bad Ford cancelled it for the Focus.  I owned my ZX2 for 4 years in college, I now own a Focus Wagon ZTW and have driven a few others Foci including a sporty 5spd hatch I test drove.  I can vouch for it, the ZX2 is a better car.  The Focus is a bit more refined, comfortable and spacious.  But the ZX2 is the poor man’s economy compact racer. 2,400lbs, 130hp and a 5spd manual transmission.  The new Ford Fiesta comes closest in specs, but is 150lbs heavier and has 10hp less at the crank.  That doesn’t sound like much, but on a lightweight car with low horsepower, it makes all the difference.

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