You always let us know
When someone appeared,
You always showed us
The leaf that you feared.

Though we had you for
Four full years,
It feels as if you had
Just come here.

We miss you, Belle.

Every morning I step over
The spot on the floor where you slept.
Every night I reach for the door
To let you out for your bedtime bathroom break.

We still start to reach down at the table
To give you those scraps you really weren’t suppose to have.
We still look behind the chair at night when the house is quiet,
Expecting to see you there sleeping and content.

We miss you, Belle.

The “new normal” is never “normal”,
Which fits since things here never are.
I know we will find another dog for our home,
To be our friend and protector.

I know that with time
All things heal.
Our pain will lessen
And our lives will be “ok”.

But we still miss you.

Joseph Raymond – 2013

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