Projects: The Current “Big Three”

Not in any particular order, but they all need to get done and soon.

Note: there are more projects but the others my wife is heading up and I just help on.

Finish repairing the holes in Isaac’s motorcycle tank.  This involves soldering 22gauge sheet steel patches onto the tank after forming them to match the contour of the tank.

Build pantry area in kitchen.  I’ve started this but have only done the destruction portion…I think Tasha might appreciate me doing some of the “building” part soon.

Finish getting firewood.  We need 5 cords of wood total for this coming season (2013/14), currently we have gathered 2.5.  This weekend it looks like I will be picking up some cheap wood locally, probably 2 cord for about $100.  Then over the summer I will scrounge the other 1/2 cord via mill scraps.  Hopefully we can get it all split by end of June so it has plenty of time to season.  Luckily Tasha has ok’d renting a splitter to speed the process (we normally split by hand).  After that hopefully we can start building up the 2014/15 woodpile.

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