Get your dunk on, “The Ultimate in Cookie Dunking Technology” from Sam Feller

Sam Feller’s “Perfect Dunker” cup prototype.

Sam Feller,, has created another invention.  His first was the Panic Button light switch kit, which has been quite successful.  This time it is an even more useful invention.  The Perfect Dunker.  This complex shape of a cup allows you to use only 8oz of milk and still dunk all of your cookies without rusking a partial dunk.  Great design and great implementation of BPA free plastic.  I hope this project takes off, I’ve already donated to it and think you should too.  You only have 15 more days to send Sam a dollar so get on-board!  He’ll appreciate it and so will the rest of us as soon as we can actually get our hands on The Ultimate in Cookie Dunking Technology!

Sam Feller – The Perfect Dunker Project on

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