Wood update

We’ve burned through about 4 cords of wood, I’d say we have 1/2 cord left.  It should get us through most of March depending on the temperatures we get.  Next year I’ll definitely shoot for 5 cord to make sure we don’t run out.  I hate running the oil.

I have started cutting next years wood, so far only 1/4 cord into it though.  We have 3 willow trees that need to be taken down.  I haven’t measured them yet but my guess is that they are about 1/2 cord per tree.  Couple that with a couple other small ones on our property and that should give us 2 cords of wood just from our land.  So I will need to source 3 cords worth elsewhere.  I need to clear my parent’s leachfield and surrounding area of trees.  Not sure how many are out there, but from remembering years past when I saw it there were quite a few 6-10″ trees on the land.  I’d guess they’re probably more like 8-12″ now and quite tall.  With any luck I should have a solid 2 cords of wood out there.  I might be able to get the last cord from their land, if not I have access to a friend’s land on his turkey farm and shouldn’t have any problem getting the wood there.

One year at a time, right?  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

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