Firewood, ho!

Things are looking up.  We found out about a month ago that we had lost access to where we were cutting firewood (the land got sold outside of the family).  But now a family friend has agreed to let me cut on his 50 acres of land.  I don’t know the details yet as far as when I will be doing it, how much wood or what kind of wood.  But any is good and it sounded like supplying me access for our 5 cord per year won’t be a problem.  I’d like to get 10 cord done this year so we can finally be a full year ahead, but we’ll see.

Now I just need to make sure I get all 5 cord of next season’s wood cut, split and stacked by May 31st at the very latest to make sure it is safe to burn.  Luckily we split on the small side due to our stove anyway and this speeds the drying process of the wood.

I do also have a few trees on my property I need to clean up as well as some that are infringing on my parent’s leach field.  I’m thinking of clearing my trees and the leach field during the winter months, then focusing on finishing the rest of the wood supply via the 50 acres I just got access to.

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