Really? Only three trucks that fit for 2012

There are only 3 trucks that fit what I want in a truck for 2012.  The Chevrolet Colorado WT, the Nissan Frontier SV V6 and the Toyota Tacoma Access Cab.  My specs are minimal.  I need a truck that has a bed to haul wood etc.  It needs to be able to seat 4 people.  It needs 4wd.  It needs to be a manual transmission and it needs to get 20mpg highway or better.  My 2000 Ford Ranger meets all these qualifications and then some, but it is getting older and in 5-10 years I will probably need to replace it.  Since I don’t normally buy new vehicles, I’ll be looking at what is being sold now in 5 – 10 years on the used vehicle lots.

It’s sad that there is only one American truck out there that meets my specs.  Here’s hoping Ford get’s their head out of their butts and builds a truck with a proper transmission.

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