Made in the USA – Painting tools?

We are working on our nursery and needed to purchased a roller, roller covers and a paint tray.  We skipped down to our local Home Depot (only because Aubuchon’s was closed) and were able to find quality Made in the USA pieces – much to my surprise!  Here is what we bought:

Wooster 9″ Roller Frame – $8.47
Hansteck Lambskin 9″ Roller Cover – $9.77
(No name brand, but still Made in USA) 9″ Roller Tray – $2.97

Total price before tax: $21.21

We could have saved about $8 by purchasing pieces that were shipped from the other side of the planet, but why would we send our money all the way over there when it needs to be right here?  Also of note, all 3 items were much less “flimsy” than their cheaper counterparts and should not only work better but also last longer.

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