Work, work, work

Boy, oh boy, have I been busy!  At work and at home.  Finally a moment to post an update though.

We are currently working on our nursery for “Baby Raymond.”  The floor is almost all finished, I just need to place a support beam underneath that will be braced on the stairs below.  I am hoping to do the framing for the 2 new walls this weekend and might even get to hang the door and do the drywalling depending on time.

My brother told me about the new Meyer Home Plow.  Apparently Sears is going to be selling it.  What’s neat is that it is 2/3 the price of a “regular” plow but still is a “real” plow.  To save on cost it uses a Class III front mount receiver for mounting and it doesn’t have conventional left/right hydraulics.  Due to that and the fact it is light weight, it can be put on everything from a 1/2 ton truck down to a Ford Escape!  I think it’s a real bargain and if I were to ever put a plow on the front of the Ranger I would go this route.  I’ve always kinda wanted a front hitch anyway!

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