Who’d of thought I would love a leech?

As many people with an office job, I’ve been known to get side tracked with non work related items on my computer.  Whether it is facebook, youtube or cnn that is causing you not to get your work done – LeechBlock works.  LeechBlock is a FireFox addon that is free and does a great job of blocking out time consuming sites during your work period.

You set it up so that it blocks certain sites during a certain time of day and for any day of the week.  You can also have it so that for every certain length of time during that blocked period you are allowed a certain amount of web usage to the blocked sites.  IE- If it is set to block youtube.com from 9am to 5pm you could set it up that for every hour you are allow 2 minutes of use.  After those 2 minutes it will push you to your homepage (or wherever you program it to).

I love it and have already found it very helpful in keeping me on task.

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