At an impass

My truck’s passenger side shackle and bracket have decided to leave my truck.  Rust has swept them away and they won’t be coming back.  So it’s time for new parts.  I have the option of OEM Ford parts for $100 almost exactly or aftermarket parts for $55.  Normally I go with Ford parts for important pieces like this, but I’m not so sure in this case.  The Ford parts don’t come with mounting hardware and are twice the cost of aftermarket.  I’m not sure where the Ford parts are made.  I do know the Dorman aftermarket parts are Made in China, although 22% of what Dorman sells is Made in the USA – about the same ratio as New Balance.  The aftermarket parts come with all necessary mounting hardware as well.

I think since I have read good reviews about Dorman I will save my money and go that route this time.  I’ve had mixed luck with aftermarket parts.  For instance, the Advance Auto branded axle shaft didn’t fit in my 2002 Ford Focus, so we had to get a remanufactured unit.  Same car and we put an aftermarket Anchor brand motor mount in, the first one blew up (liquid filled) within 20 minutes of driving – I should have paid the extra on that for the Ford part.  The second (free, returned the old one) has held up for a year so far with no issues yet.

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